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Wireless Lifeline Program

Wireless companies offering service through the Lifeline program for low income consumers face a unique set of challenges. From qualifying applicants to recertification, Stratus Contact Solutions has the business experience to create value for your brand by delivering exceptional customer service.

Stratus Contact Solutions has been developing and implementing outsourced customer support solutions for over twenty years, and we will use this experience to develop and implement multichannel support solutions that create long-term value for your Lifeline program.

Our Lifeline services will allow you to accurately and cost-effectively verify and recertify vital consumer information. In addition, our US-based team of agents will be able to resolve customer issues in a timely manner, improving satisfaction and creating long-term value for your brand.

We offer the following Lifeline services to our clients:

  • Customer Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Billing Support and Questions
  • Independent Distributor Support
  • Real-time Review Queue Support and Reporting
  • Recertification
  • Technical Support

Because verification and recertification are so critical to meeting government compliance, we provide our clients with all of the data they need, including:

  • Reviewers by day and month to date
  • Reviews passed, failed or soft denied by day and month to date
  • Percentages of pass, fail and soft deny by reviewer by day and month to date
  • Reviewer alerts by day and month to date – alerts are used to identify reviewers potentially needing more training or not performing
  • Trending analytics by independent distributors to identify those needing additional training or causing consistent issues

Our US-based call center Lifeline services give our clients confidence knowing they will have all necessary customer information needed to maintain compliance requirements.