contact center solutions


Stratus Contact Solutions has been providing multichannel contact center services to the telecommunications industry since our founding in 1996. We are a leading provider of US-based inbound and outbound call center services for the technology and communication industry. We combine these services with call center and social media analytics to gain operating insights unique to your business resulting in reduced costs.

Your organization needs a partner with a high level of experience to manage the complex and fast-paced telecommunications market. Over the past two decades, our team has developed and refined a broad set of multichannel contact center solutions and processes, continually integrating innovative new technologies to generate more leads, increase conversions, instill customer loyalty, and much more.

This is achieved by our highly-trained, US-based team of agents, who not only understand the expectations of your market, but also understand how to deliver service through a variety of channels, including phone, social media, email, and live chat.

Stratus’ US-based customer service experts will deliver:

  • Multichannel customer support solutions built around your brand’s objectives
  • Social media management and support, including social media monitoring
  • On-demand scalability to handle volume spikes
  • Access to a fully-featured online toolkit to allow real-time data monitoring
  • Customized operating analytics that increase ROI
  • Capability to integrate with third-party processes, such as CRM
  • Rapid deployment to launch projects quickly and efficiently

Put our multichannel contact center expertise, technology, and passion to work
for your bottom line.