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Social Media Services

Today, social media is the fastest growing and may be the single most important channel for customer service. Providing easy, rapid customer support and robust data analytics, social media presents a significant customer service opportunity for any business. As a truly multichannel contact center, Stratus Contact Solutions will help your brand realize social media’s immense potential.

“Several years ago, we wrote Social Media Leadership: How to Get Off the Bench And Into the Game to describe the confluence of social media with customer care and acquisition. For nearly a decade, we have focused on the development of best practices related to traditional customer engagement applications in combination with the amazing reach afforded by social media. Our process combined with the dedication and know-how of our Stratus team, allows us to deliver superior and quantifiable results in customer care and business growth to our trusted clients.”

Mike Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder

Although Stratus Contact Solutions has been delivering outsourced contact center solutions since 1996, we were one of the first multichannel contact centers to see the potential in social media. Impressed by social media’s unparalleled ability to allow brands to directly engage with customers as well as measure the reach and sentiment of these engagements, we began leveraging this medium on behalf of our clients.

To that end, the social media experts at Stratus have developed a proprietary social media monitoring and analytics platform that we will put to work for your business. This toolkit together with our social team will provide your business with a host of actionable data; such as the meaningful social influencers perception of your brand, trending topics for you and your competitors and the efficacy of specific marketing campaigns to name a few – which we will leverage to create actionable insights and authentic deliverables for your business.

Whether you’re looking to gather meaningful business intelligence, improve brand perception, create higher rates of conversion or provide improved customer service, Stratus Contact Solutions will deliver social media marketing services that achieve your brand’s goals.

Stratus Contact Solutions provides a range of social media services, including:

  • Social Media Monitoring and Analysis
  • Customer Care and Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • E-commerce Support
  • Corporate Compliance and Governance

Stratus will deliver social media service results through:

  • A cutting-edge social media analytics platform, which allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment
  • A US-based team of experts that understands the expectations of your customers
  • Reps trained to use new media to engage customers in a positive way
  • A leadership team with decades of hands-on business expertise

Whatever your needs, from online monitoring to reputation management, you can count on Stratus to customize a social media strategy that achieves your objectives.