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Outbound Services

Outbound campaigns present a unique set of challenges, from the navigation of telemarketing regulations to the bypassing of gate-keepers. With over twenty years of experience in the field, Stratus Contact Solutions has the expertise, experience, and data-driven insight to deliver outsourced outbound call center services that create measurable value for your brand.

Since our founding in 1996, Stratus has been a leading provider of multichannel customer support solutions, and we have always placed a strong focus on outbound customer support. Our US-based team of agents have been trained in a refined set of best practices, which includes compliance with all local, state, and federal telemarketing and privacy laws.

In addition, we utilize a range of internet-based channels to craft outbound support solutions that deliver on your brand’s core objectives. Through a combination of email outreach, proactive live chat, and multi-network social media campaigns, we will help you reach your customers in the channels where they are most comfortable, which will help create further value for your business.

Throughout the process, we will maintain a transparency that allows your brand to make real-time decisions using data mined from social media and other platforms. This allows us to adjust the outbound campaign to fit your brand’s specific needs, by nimbly adjusting campaigns to meet and exceed the desired result.

Stratus is a complete outbound contact center solution. Our services include:

  • Social media support, including social media monitoring, analysis, and management
  • Proactive reputation management
  • Lead generation
  • Database enhancement
  • Surveys
  • Appointment setting