contact center inbound

Inbound Services

Every inbound customer interaction is an opportunity to boost customer sentiment and create value for your brand. Stratus Contact Solutions understands this, which is why we combine exceptional customer service, uncompromising quality, and cutting-edge technology to deliver industry-leading outsourced call center services.

Since 1996, Stratus has been providing industry-leading multichannel contact center support solutions to a broad range of businesses, which has allowed us to develop proven, customer-centric processes for delivering higher rates of enrollment, first call resolution, conversions, upsells, and cross-sells. Through these techniques, we will leverage every customer interaction to create authentic deliverables for your business.

This is achieved through our emphasis on training, and technology enabled quality assurance, both in terms of best practices and client-specific objectives. Our US-based team of customer service agents understand the expectations of today’s consumer regardless of demographic, which they will use to provide those consumers with loyalty-building experiences with your brand. In addition, we will utilize internet-based channels, such as social media, email and live chat, to create further value for your brand.

Stratus’ inbound call center services include:

  • High-Touch Customer Care
  • Order management
  • Crisis management
  • Lead generation
  • Sales support and upsell
  • Disaster recovery

In addition, Stratus also provides a range of other multichannel contact center services that include:

  • Fully-featured client dashboard to monitor data in real-time
  • Capability to integrate with virtually all third-party processes, including CRM
  • Customized solutions built around your brand’s objectives
  • Social media support, including social media monitoring and management

Stratus offers the transparency and professionalism that you would expect from a national leader in inbound service solutions. Whether you need real-time online data or monthly report delivery, we embrace an open door culture that gives you the information you want, when you want it.