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Multichannel Contact Center Services

Since 1996, we have developed and implemented proven, customer-centric processes for a variety of businesses. These multichannel contact center solutions have been used to achieve a wide range of deliverables, including higher rates of enrollment, lower resolution times, and improved consumer sentiment. No matter your industry–whether healthcare, retail, finance, wireless, hospitality, education or anything in between–our services will help you develop quality relationships with your customer-base, creating value for them and profit for you.

“Contact center service is about more than answering calls. Stratus is about enhancing customer experience and treating each interaction as an opportunity to provide insight and adding value to your brand.”

Dennis Stoutenburgh, COO and Co-Founder.

Your business has specific needs, and Stratus Contact Solutions has the customized customer support solutions to meet them. With services that include phone, live chat, email, and social media, our multichannel model extends your reach to meet customers where they choose. These services, combined with our data analytics capabilities, enable us to gain operating insights unique to your business to reduce your costs and increase ROI.

Our multichannel support services exceed expectations because we start by investing in US-based bilingual agents who understand the expectations of the modern connected consumer. This allows us to gain further insight into your business’ specific needs and better develop custom solutions to meet those needs.

At Stratus Contact Solutions, we’re committed to:

  • Providing 24/7/365 outsourced call center services.
  • Using social media monitoring and online intelligence to strategically support your bottom line.
  • Maintaining a call center based solely in the US.
  • Providing highly-trained US-based bilingual agents who understand the needs of American companies and consumers.
  • Utilizing multiple channels to reach your customers wherever they are, from live web chat to social media networks to call centers.
  • Pinpointing and solving potential problems as well as identifying new opportunities.
  • Offering easy access to actionable insight via data and reporting.
  • Providing transparency, including the ability to monitor calls and other customer interactions.
  • Reducing the complexity of integrating outsourced business processing into your operations.
  • Identifying and implementing innovative new technologies and processes that make your business more profitable.