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Success in the retail industry depends on your brand’s ability to develop authentic relationships with your customers, and Stratus Contact Solutions will implement outsourced contact center solutions that achieve this goal. Whether your focus is in brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, or both, Stratus can start creating value for your brand today.

Stratus Contact Solutions is unique in the multichannel contact center industry because in addition to traditional call center services, we understand–and utilize–the power of social media, internet-based platforms and data analytics as a way to build meaningful, long-term relationships between our clients and their customers.

Whether we’re turning insight derived from social media into real-time, actionable business insight, promoting conversions on your e-commerce platform through live chat, or building long-term customer relationships through a highly trained email response team, our US-based customer service experts have the expertise needed to create value for your brand and instill satisfaction in your customer-base.

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Stratus Contact Solutions will deliver results that include:

  • Increased satisfaction among your existing customer-base
  • Boosted brand awareness and increased reputation across social media platforms
  • Higher conversion rates on your brand’s e-commerce platforms
  • Customized operating and behavior analytics that increase ROI
  • Effective issue resolution
  • Managed staffing according to real-time demand, with the ability to quickly adjust resources as needed

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