How to Motivate Your Contact Center Agents

We all know that motivated agents work better and harder.  But how do we ensure our agents are always motivated? According to a recent SHRM Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey, only 69% of employees feel they are consistently putting all their effort into their work. If you’ve tried a variety of incentives but are still seeing the negative side effects of low motivation, you’re not alone. By gaining a better understanding of what motivates people, you will make yourself a more effective manager and help you to get the most out of those agents who work for you. Here are a few basic techniques that you can try in order to keep your contact center agents motivated and to maintain overall productivity:

Make their Job FUN
An exciting work environment will make agents eager to come in to work.  At Stratus, we encourage all employees to participate in dress-up days where agents may wear the gear of a favorite sports team during playoffs, or participate in crazy hat or sock days during customer service week.  These kinds of things will put smiles on the faces of your coworkers and help your agents to maintain positive, upbeat attitudes. Motivate

Make them feel APPRECIATED
It is extremely important to recognize agents for doing good work and encouraging those who may not be performing up to expectations by providing helpful coaching and feedback.  An agent who feels valued and empowered is much more likely to work hard and do what is expected than one who feels neglected. If you see an agent go the extra mile for a customer, or you notice that an agent has been exceedingly consistent in their good service, let them know that you have noticed and appreciate their efforts.  A simple thank you or showing your appreciation for an employee’s hard work can make all the difference in the world.  Everyone likes to be recognized for doing an outstanding job.

Encouraging feedback shows agents you respect them and value their opinion.  Encourage them to share ideas with you. Find out what sorts of rewards or team contests they would enjoy most.  Try to implement suggestions where feasible. Coach agents on specific challenges and address any difficult issues they face. Remember that no matter our job position, we all like to be rewarded or praised for doing it well.

Make the Job Easier with TRAINING
Training is very important and an excellent motivator. It’s also a great way to show agents you respect what they do. Remember that your agents have a very difficult task of keeping customers happy, and any tools you can give them to make their job easier will be greatly appreciated. Training keeps agents up to date and focuses on the job at hand.  If agents are given quality training that covers the topics and issues they can expect to face, then they become more effective at their jobs and will, to a certain extent, motivate themselves to perform at a higher level using the skills learned during training.

Teamwork Thumbs UpReward for a JOB WELL DONE!
Rewarding employees for achievement is a far more effective way to reinforce shared commitment than punishing them for failure. Contact Center agents always enjoy receiving rewards when they hit contact center goals or go above and beyond the call of duty for a customer.  When someone does a good job it’s important to recognize their achievements. Offering bonus incentives gives the agents something to strive for and also shows you will commend good work.  When they see the positive and immediate results of what they do, they do it better; faster; more often.

With these tips, you can effectively keep your contact center agents happy and they will in turn provide great customer service to your customers!