Live Chat Has Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

When considering what channels are important to include in your customer service offering, live chat should be on the list.  It continues to be a top choice by consumers for resolving customer service issues.

The 2015 Customer Service Benchmark Report shows live chat has the highest satisfaction rating of all customer service channels. Almost a third (31%) of consumers have used live chat to contact a company in the last year – 73% of whom said that they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the experience they received. The below graph indicates consumer’s satisfaction by phone, social media, email and live chat.


In addition, customers participating in the survey identified the following items as important for companies to include when offering live chat.

  • Clear messages detailing if there is an agent available to talk, and if not, how long they are likely to wait.
  • Messages to signal when an adviser has read a live chat message and when they are typing to respond.
  • Have a dedicated adviser dealing with just their issue and not speaking to more than one customer at a time.
  • Give plenty of time for customer response before ending the chat session.

Another interesting result from the 2015 Customer Service Benchmark Report is 65% of customers expect to wait 1 minute or less to speak to an agent when they are using live chat.   See the below graph for expected live chat response time.

With these types of consumer satisfaction ratings, it is clear that live chat should be considered as a part of any customer service strategy.Customer Satisifaction By Channel

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