How to Make Call Center Team Leaders More Successful

The profitability of your call center lies heavily in the hands of your team leaders and their ability to develop top performing agents. Because of this, it is vital to set them up for success in every way possible. Below are a few suggestions of how to do this:

  1. Set Clear Expectations

Take time to define what you want the call center team leader’s role to be. By identifying their primary call center responsibilities, the team leader has a better chance of impacting their team’s performance. It allows you to keep them focused on what’s most important and to delegate unnecessary tasks to other employees.

  1. How to Make Call Center Team Leaders More SuccessfulDetermine what team leader is best for what client

Get to know your team leaders by spending time with them each week in a one-on-one meeting. This will allow you to get to know their personality, capabilities, strengths and weakness. Getting to know them will allow you to put them in charge of the client that complements their abilities.

  1. Encourage them to empower their agents

Team leaders will have the most success when they are coaching and pushing their team to develop to their full potential. Encourage them to allow their agents to take on responsibilities and to recognize them when they’ve performed well.

  1. Have your team leaders focus one day a week interacting with their team

Require your team leaders to spend one day out of the week interacting with each team member; this will allow them to focus on the performance of individual employees.

  1. Encourage your team leaders to walk around

A call center team’s success doesn’t happen in the team leader’s office. It happens on the call center floor. Provide your team leaders with wireless headsets. This will allow them to monitor their teams and still be available for any escalated issues.

  1. Encourage team building and incentives

It’s a great idea to allow team leaders to do activities with their call center teams. Build this aspect into your budget, so they know what they have to work with. To help team leaders be successful, they need to be able to offer incentives to their teams for motivation and to reward top agents. It’s important to make sure team leaders can be rewarded with incentives as well.

Helping your call center team leaders be successful will provide the best customer service for your clients and ultimately more profitability for your call center. The time you spend mentoring and encouraging them will be well worth it.

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