Get Your Contact Center Ready for the Holidays

It’s the time of year when holiday customer service requirements in the contact center surge.  Stress levels are high and agent performance needs to be at it’s best.  Below are some suggestions to keep in mind as you get your contact centers ready for the holiday season.

Communicate Holiday Changes
A variety of things may be adjusted in the contact center during the holiday season.  Whether you are changing operating hours to meet holiday demand, offering a special holiday product, Get Your Contact Center Ready for the Holidayschanging agent priorities or adding additional peak time agents, it’s imperative everyone in the contact center is aware of the changes.  Use the most efficient and effective method available to you to communicate the information.

Set Accurate Expectations

Managing agent expectations will go a long way to reducing stress and increasing productivity during the holidays.  To ensure your agents perform at their best, make sure you provide them with anticipated peak volumes and your performance expectations.

Increase Performance and Reduce Absenteeism

This is the time of year when agent absenteeism can seriously affect your call center results.  It’s also the time of year when everyone can use some holiday cheer.  Creating incentives during this time of year is a great way to motivate and reward your agents.  Offer rewards that are oriented toward holiday gift giving. This allows the agent to keep it for themselves or give it as a gift to family or friends.  Such things as, restaurant and movie gift cards, food gift baskets, a smoked turkey, cash, company t-shirts, an extra day off, etc.

Reduce Agent Stress

Helping to reduce your agent’s stress during the holiday season, can really improve performance.  Provide snacks and beverages to your agents to keep their energy levels high.  Consider offering chair massages to help reduce neck and shoulder tension.  Be observant, and if an agent needs a break or a word of encouragement, make sure they get it.  It could mean the difference between a former customer and a loyal customer.

Taking the time to prepare your contact center for the holiday season, will make it possible for your agents and your customers to have a positive experience.


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