Four Ways to Boost Contact Center Agent Engagement

Despite the range of emerging techniques in the field of customer service, the single most important aspect of a customer service interaction is the engagement level of your brand’s agent. A dispassionate agent will frustrate customers and turn them away from your brand, while a truly helpful agent will help instill satisfaction, even if their issues cannot be immediately resolved.

So how do you get agents to be more engaged in interactions with customers? Take a look at these four tips:

  • Ask agents for insight and get them involved in processes – Your customer service agents will be
    incentivized to become engaged if you can create an contactcenteropen work environment. The street must go both ways: agents should feel comfortable to speak openly with management and make suggestions, while simultaneously remaining open to constructive feedback. This sort of work environment fosters increased engagement.
  • Show agents the behind-the-scenes of your business – Agents will be better equipped to deal with the wide range of customer concerns if they have a full understanding of your company’s offerings. The effects of this are two-fold. First, it will show agents that they are a valued part of your organization. Second, it will give them more insight into the concerns faced by customers.
  • Make agents feel valued and impactful – Though we’ve touched on this idea briefly, it merits greater focus. By now, it’s well proven that employees who feel valued by organizations are more likely to deliver strong work performances. This is especially true for customer service agents. If your agents feel like they are having a positive impact on your bottom-line, they’ll be encouraged to redouble their efforts.
  • Trust your agents – If you trust your business’ hiring processes, then you should trust the skills and knowledge of your employees. After all, who has better insight into customers than the agents who deal with them directly? To this effect, don’t be afraid to come to your agents for insight when developing new products and business processes. Their knowledge will improve your business, and your trust will show them that they are valued members of your teams.

There are many other effective ways to get your contact center agents more engaged, but these suggestions are great first steps. Ultimately, doing so will not merely have a positive effect on your call center, but also the bottom line of your business as a whole.

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