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Energy and Untilities

The utility industry is in a constant state of flux. Whether your organization is dealing with regulatory pressure, increased competition, or the integration of new forms of technology into existing processes, Stratus Contact Solutions can help your organization stand out with exceptional customer service.

Consumers see utilities and similar services as necessities, but that doesn’t mean they’ll accept sub-par customer service. Due to the rise in multichannel usage, it’s more important than ever to deliver a robust set of customer service offerings to your customer base.

Stratus Contact Solutions has over twenty years of experience delivering multichannel contact center solutions that we will leverage on behalf of your brand. Whether your energy organization is looking to implement a new social media strategy, refine existing customer service protocols, or design and implement a multichannel contact center from the ground up, Stratus will build you brand’s reputation and reach your client-specific key performance indicators.

The team at Stratus delivers results with:

  • Customized multichannel support solutions built around your brand’s objectives
  • Social media support, including social media monitoring, analysis, and management
  • On-demand scalability to handle volume spikes
  • Fully-featured client toolkit to allow real-time data monitoring
  • Capability to integrate with third-party processes, such as CRM
  • Rapid deployment to launch projects quickly and efficiently

Stratus’ multilingual live agents will support your utility customers via phone, email, chat, text, or social media, in Spanish, English, or other languages. Stratus is a trusted name in combining transparent, agile processes with exceptional customer care, so put our expertise, technology, and passion to work for your bottom line.