Consumer Usage of Customer Service Channels

Email is still one of the most popular ways consumers choose to reach out to companies for their customer service needs.  With the continued use of mobile phones and tablets, it’s easier than ever for customers to use email as one of their customer support channels.  According to the 2015 Customer Benchmark Study, some consumers stated that if they receive poor email service from a company, they will no longer do business with them.  They also felt that too often, a standardized text was used to address their issue, treating them like a number rather than an individual.

According to the study, email (85%) and phone (82%) are the most used customer service channels by consumers.



In spite of the popularity of using email for customer service, participants were frustrated by the length of time they had to wait for a response.  Consumers expect a quick response when contacting a company. One third (39%) of consumers said that they were not prepared to wait more than 6 hours for a response.


With 81% of customers expecting a response within 24 hours or less and the high usage of this channel, it’s essential to have a system in place for adequate response time or to partner with a contact center management company that can meet the level of customer service demands.

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