Creating Consistency with Multichannel Customer Support

One significant pitfall faced by organizations that implement multichannel customer care strategies is failing to create consistency across a range of channels. Not only can this lead to confusion among a customer base, but it also fails to utilize the branding potential of customer support. Every customer service interaction defines your business in a small way, and consistency is key to leaving a good impression with customers.

Many businesses still struggle to put this into practice. The survey Are Your Customers Lost In The Multichannel Maze showed that only 10% of businesses have a clear strategy in place to integrate all their contact channels and have successfully implemented it.

This is a missed opportunity. According to a study performed by Aberdeen Group Inc., companiemultichannels that deliver effective multi-channel customer support retain 89% of their customers, versus a dismal 33% among companies with ineffective multi-channel strategies. And that’s just the beginning: companies with effective multi-channel support strategies increase annual revenue by 9.5% year-over-year, while reducing cost per customer contact by 7.5% annually.

As you can see, an effective multi-channel customer service strategy will both drive revenue and reduce costs. It will drive revenue by instilling a strong sense of brand loyalty in your customers and encouraging them to spend more on your products and services. It will reduce costs by resolving customer issues in a more timely manner, as well as leveraging the processes of one support channel to streamline another.

With a wide range of potential customer support channels–from phone to email to social media–it can be difficult to implement consistent processes, while also delivering consistent information. It requires a customer support partner with extensive experience in the field. Still, should this consistency be achieved, it will pay off dividends in terms of customer loyalty, cost reduction, and overall revenue.

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Dennis has served as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company since May 1997 and as a director since the Company began operations in 1996. Dennis has been involved with 18 successful acquisitions and integrations of various communications companies during his tenure with the Company. Prior to joining the Company, Dennis was President of the Communications Group of Intellicall, held various positions on both the audit and the consulting staffs with Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) and concluded his tenure with Ernst & Whinney as Senior Consultant.