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Why Clients Trust Us

We’ve been providing contact center support for over 20 years so we have a long history of creating and perfecting operations. We have highly skilled agents to handle multiple types of Lifeline inquires plus our proprietary social media and analytics platform makes us an expert in social media management.


More than 85% of online purchases are driven by online ratings and reviews

175 Mil.

There are more than 175 million internet enabled smartphones in the U.S. alone


More than 30% of Americans have dropped their landlines in favor of smartphones


By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in the U.S. will be influenced by the web.


Social media will become the #2 customer interaction method... just behind face-to-face interaction

So What's

Customer Expectations have changed and if you don't incorporate sentiment, multichannel strategy and comprehensive data analysis you are going to miss the show.

How Can
We Help?

If you only greet customers when they call, you are missing support and lead generation opportunities in social media every minute.

Information gleaned from Social Media Interactions

(CRM Magazine: Using Social Media for Customer Service)

Positive/negative sentiment
Issues with products/services
Requests for more info
Issues with procedures
Crisis indentification
Sales leads
Competitive information
Complaints or Questions regarding marketing

Customer Care Is Marketing

The quality and type of customer experience you provide your customers is the most important marketing you’ll ever do.

89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

Nearly 75% of dissatisfied customers report rude staff as an issue.

53% of consumers have used social media for customer interactions.

38% of consumers feel “negative” about a brand who doesn’t provide a timely social media response.

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Customer experiences have changed because the way people communicate has changed. We understand the connected customer. Stratus enables you to meet your customers where they are at their time of need. Our customized solutions allow you to engage customers and comprehend data beyond the traditional call center.

What We Do

Our Customer Experience Management Solutions are Tailored to Meet Your Needs


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Case Studies

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National Electric Provider Doubles Gross Sales in 17 Markets. Electric Provider’s Challenge: This nation-wide electrical service provides low-cost electricity and natural gas offering significant savings to homes and businesses. Their customers enjoy the low cost, better customer service experience, and community support giving them the leading edge over other energy providers. Although this nation-wide provider […]

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4 Tips from Ace Hardware to improve your customer service

Focus on the Customer, Not the Money. It’s five times more profitable to invest in keeping customers than acquiring new ones. Don’t worry about the sale. Just take care of the customer. Give the customer the best customer service you can deliver, even if the customer isn’t buying, and eventually the sale will come. This […]

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Whether you are a Contact Center professional searching for best practices, or an industry supplier wanting to reach new prospects for growth, there is a multitude of Contact Center conferences, trade-shows and other events that offer you the chance to gain valuable knowledge and new relationships. Stratus Contact Solutions has compiled our top 4 picks […]

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