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Customer Expectations have changed because the way people communicate has completely changed. But, that doesn't mean you abandon call centers, just extend your reach.

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First off, we've been providing contact center support for over 20 years. We became experts in communicating through social media because 5 years ago our partner brand was under attack. And that experience led to developing proprietary software and writing Social Media Leadership.

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As a product manager, I am constantly challenged to find ways to maximize revenues and reduce expenses. Stratus has always supported our goals by developing creative solutions that ensured continued success of our company.


Jo-Ellen Hahn-Boos
Product Manage


More than 85% of online purchases are driven by online ratings and reviews

175 Mil.

There are more than 175 million internet enabled smartphones in the U.S. alone


More than 30% of Americans have dropped their landlines in favor of smartphones


By 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in the U.S. will be influenced by the web.


Social media will become the #2 customer interaction method... just behind face-to-face interaction

So What's

Customer Expectations have changed and if you don't incorporate sentiment, multichannel strategy and comprehensive data analysis you are going to miss the show.

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If you only greet customers when they call, you are missing support and lead generation opportunities in social media every minute.

Information gleaned from Social Media Interactions

(CRM Magazine: Using Social Media for Customer Service)

Positive/negative sentiment
Issues with products/services
Requests for more info
Issues with procedures
Crisis indentification
Sales leads
Competitive information
Complaints or Questions regarding marketing

Social Media Guru? Call Center
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We are a US based, multi-channel, multi-lingual contact center and we understand the way customers expect to communicate with businesses has forever changed.

Whether you are a social media guru or just looking for ways to expand your reach beyond the traditional call center, we are a great partner to design, plan and execute a customized solution that fits your needs and increases ROI hour over hour, month over month.

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One agent. Many services. For one rate, we gear up our reps with a customized suite of tools and the goal of turning customer frowns upside down or prospects into hot leads.

Our suite of tools is flexible and you can decide where you need us most. Learn More

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Our solutions truly depend on your business and customers needs. Our goal is to provide the optimal customer experience across multi-channels, but we can also work in individual channels too.


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If your still not convinced or need solid business examples to convince your head honcho, download a few of our resources, follow us, or schedule a 10 minute web conference.

Case Studies

Using social media tools to connect with students

Student expectations for higher education have changed. Yet some institutions are struggling to use social media to connect with prospective students. Students are choosing to return to school through distance learning programs. Like most purchase decisions their research begins online to find the right program, at the right time and the right price. Social media […]

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How to Launch Hispanic Win Back Programs in the Call Center

While churn rates are slowing somewhat, companies are losing an average of 20% of their customers each year. Over the past decade, businesses have realized the importance of customer loyalty and retention. The old rule of thumb that it ‘costs five times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one’ is causing […]

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CXM Blog

Stratus Leads Social Business Workshop at 2014 Call Center Week

Mike Lewis, Chairman and CEO, and Dennis Stoutenburgh, President and Co-Founder of Social Strategy1, and Jim Iyoob, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Stratus Contact Solutions will present “Becoming a Social Business” at the 15th annual Call Center Week on Tuesday, June 10th; 11:30-2:30 pm at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, […]

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5 Qualities That Live Chat Brings to Your Customers

From a customer’s perspective, there are many ways that live chat improves their online experience. It allows them to get answers in a fast, contextual interaction with a knowledgeable, real person. As a result, this feature not only supports sales growth, but also enhances customer satisfaction. For businesses, these results are some of the biggest […]

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